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You know about using nichrome hotwire to cut extruded polystyrene foam, right?

Also, for lofting good aerodynamic lines and perhaps for skeletal structure, have you considered using PVC pipe and glue?

I don't know if standard PVC plumbers glue is compatible with the pink foam you're using, but it would sure be handy if you could use PVC pipe and glue for the skeletal structure, with pink or blue Styrofoam as filler, then sculpt with hotwire and sanding block. Sureform or cheese grater work, too. If extruded styrene foam is not chemically compatible with PVC glue, consider polyurethane foam, which should not be hotwired due to toxic fumes, but which sculpts and sands beautifully.

As for using PVC pipe to loft the aero lines, somebody I think on this website had a dual bicycle Porsche 911 depicted: PVC in ~1/2" diameter makes a wonderful lofting tool.

All this stuff is cheap and easy from Lowes or Home Depot. Light weight.

Somebody else on I think this website did a beautiful motorcycle fairing, with heat-shrinkable Dacron skin and diluted Elmer's glue instead of epoxy. Since the part was non-structural, its strength was fine. Worth a shot for this application?
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