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How do you find these things?! I posted that 4 months ago, and almost 450 posts back!

Right now I have about 6 inchs of wire between my driver and my logic board. There are a few things you can do to improve however.

If you place the opto on the board with driver, you can set it up as a current loop instead of a voltage loop. This will greatly increase its noise immunity.

For the distance you are talking though, and others have been asking about the same thing, I would use a simplified logic board on each controller, all connected with a high speed CAN bus to the master controller. This would allow for temp sensors to be placed in each module to account for differences from being mounted in different locations. Duty cycle per module would be able to be controlled to keep all modules running at the same temp.

I actually had a plan to do something like this with my control board, in order to parallel my IGBT controller. I was planing 2, 4 module 1200A controllers for my corvette, wired in parallel with high speed bus linking them to make it act as 1. Each controller would be mounted to the inside of a wheel well under the hood.

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