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Originally Posted by Meph View Post
thanks again, i'll give everything we've talked about a shot. with my o2 settings I can controll the max throttle point, so I can set it to about 4-5% and pull the a/f ration back, say 15.5 to 16, and when i get into the pedal at all, it will revert back to my base map of about 14.5:1. Im still playing with the boost a/f, pulling it back slowly, still in the 9:1 to 10.5:1 range, once I get it leaned out to about 11.5-12 I think ill notice a bit of an improvement in power aswell, not that its slow by any means right now

I have dec fuel cut till 1400 rpm, i may increase that down to 1000 and see how ti works out.

Is my most efficient SA going to be right before audible pining starts to occur? Tomorrow ill bump the timing to 32 again and see how she does.
The only thing you might want to check is head/EGT temps .
With running ignition timing high with no EGR and lean A/F (17:1 ) .
You might get a condition were head temps raise during cruising , then when you go to boost your starting with elevated temps . not saying it will be problem but something to keep in mind . monitor water/oil and EGT if you have gauge . run baseline A/F and timing your running now (like 30-35deg) . then make your A/F and any timing changes (best to do each separate ) then compare if temps go any higher .

How much boost are you running ?
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