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Originally Posted by dcb View Post
If your starter takes 200 amps, at 12ish volts, thats a 3.2 hp penalty for turning over the engine at sub-idle speeds, say 500 rpm. If you need 3000 rpm then you need at least 6 times 3.2hp to keep it running, or 20 hp, probably a lot more.
But it's 200A to START a cold engine, not to keep a hot engine spinning at 500RPM. Maybe a better place to start with this math would be to measure engine braking on flat land in low gear, or to consider your gph in neutral at 2000 RPM. tells me you can get a tranny for $150, but then you need the shift linkage, pedal set, maybe some wiring... not an easy job.

Iirc, I've read about people converting from AWD to FWD by welding shut the center differential. But this is probably all off-topic, right?
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