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thanks, Im taking the car on tis first long trip tomorrow, about 100km one way, should be interesting since I built the car from the frame up in a garage 600miles so far without major incident, hopefully it will take it.

I had some issues the last few days with A/F ratios, it ended up being a disconnected signal wire causing the ECU to lean out, its sorted now and 15.35:1 has been programmed for the drive. Driving great once more

Ive got my Maps adjusted, gonna play with them till I start to dial in the optimum setting. I also did a couple Aero mods, grill block shown to reduce the Cd from .45 to .4 in wind tunnel tests and a front belly pan. Oddly enough the rear spoiler was shown to reduce drag vs a flat hatch, seems wrong but it was backed up by windtunnel tests as well.
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