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Thermo Fan Settings

Hello Again,

Once again trying to squeeze out some more MPG from Toyota Powered Datsun.

I run an after market ECU so i can control all the variables, so my next tuning stage is to get my thermo fan on at the right times. Right now its on at 192 and off and 186, but I think this number is a little low, I believe my thermo opens around 185, the standard one.

MY temp is always at 189-190 so the fan is always on when Im driving (overlap between the thermostat and fan settings im guessing), i think over time this extra current draw will hurt gas mileage.

would it be safe to run the fan at say,


Id hope to get to a point where the fan doesn't need to be on and lets the rad and airflow do the work.

whats the school of thought for a decent on off setting?

Thanks a lot!

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