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Wicks/Aircraft Spruce

Originally Posted by Big Dave View Post
Kamper Bob:
1. Mine's always been a one-ton. You must have me confused with someone else.

2. I have no intention of going to 22 degrees. I have to step down a total of 22 inches in an 80 inch run.

3. I'm gonna do open sides. I'm looking for some visibility so I can cut down or eliminate my side mirrors.

Thanks. That's what I'm looking for. I'm thinking two flat plates attached parallel to the top of the hard tonneau. Use the top of the tonneau as the zero datum, I thought the first one might be set about 14 inches above the datum and the rear one 7 inches above the datum.

I'm thinking 14 gauge aluminum with some welded longitudinal stiffeners. I'll also need stronger gas struts for the lift mechanism as the tonneau top gets heavier.
Dave,I don't know what your budget looks like,but both Wicks and Aircraft Spruce and Supply carry a beautiful aluminum hat-section designed specifically for stiffening.

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