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Thanks Doc, I'll take that into consideration if I can't find something. Although I also have my girls forester which has that style reservoir, which I might just trade with her if she says it's alright. Looks dead simple to move anyway it goes.

I also found info tonight about the GM B.A.S. Hybrid which is basically a really big alternator that can start the motor/regen. Well that's a lot of confidence with me knowing the belt should be able to handle the power! And hey, if my starter goes I'll have a redundant one wouldn't I? I could just spin the motor up with the AC-12.

In fact, I think I'll have a lot of redundant things on the car with this system in place. I could undoubtedly run a 12V converter in place of the starting battery, the alternator would also be mostly useless. Along with the starter too. Oh well, that's stuff to worry about once the system is operational right?
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