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Hmm...that's very expensive..why don't you travel for a better offer if you don't have other options ? Also, why do you wanna buy it from a dealer ? Can't find a decent one at a private seller ? Normally dealers will hike up the price a hefty 10-25% or even more from what they negotiated for it.
Another thing I was reading about is that used cars are now more expensive due to low inventories...people don't change their cars as often as they did I suppose.

Here in Cyprus, for example it is the opposite situation. Couple of years ago you could hardly find anything decent for 1000 euros. When I got mine for less than that it was really a good find. New car prices here are much higher than in the US, think 15-20.000 for a fairly equipped small car, a Ford Focus for example would run higher than that. But now, in the recent months due to employment difficulties the prices are very low...for Cyprus. In the UK , completely different story. Being the only large country in Europe with RHD that drops the used car prices like flies out of the sky after few years. When I was there, a colleague purchased a Diesel Vectra B (was 5 1/2 years old at the time) for a measly 750 pounds..and smaller cars run even cheaper..

So, I am surprised especially since when I was living in FL, I was really blown away by what you could get for 500-1000 USD...again I'm talking private sellers NOT dealerships..

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