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Originally Posted by pletby View Post
I have a question for you guys. I have the choice of several routes to work, but there is a main route with stoplights, and various side routes with 4 way stops. The side routes are sparsely travelled and allow me to EOC to every stop sign at low speed (coast from 40km/hr usually). The stop light route pretty much forces me to keep the engine on all the way as I have an AT and can time almost all the lights. It's about 5km either way I go.

I don't have a scanguage and don't want to wait until an entire tank is gone to figure this out. Thanks guys!
Tell us the number of stop signs vs. the number of lights. And the speed limit on the main route. And whether the terrain is hilly or flat. When all that is taken into account, you might have a plan that works.
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