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Originally Posted by euromodder View Post
The US has a major FE potential - simply by removing all those 4-way STOPs and removing STOP-signs where good visibility doesn't demand a full STOP.

Over in Europe we mostly use the "Give Way"-sign when you must give way, but where it's not necessary to stop if there's no need - but I can't recall seeing any of those in the US.
Oh, I couldn't agree more!!! In America this is called a YIELD sign. They are unpopular in the US for several reasons: trial lawyers dislike the idea because if you go through a yield sign and cause an accident it's a prima facie case (meaning by its very nature it is obvious who is at fault) - hence no need or opportunity for a lawyer to try to raise doubt in litigation (and the trial lawyers lobby is politically influential). Also, we have lots of four-way stops here, often due to pressure brought locally by mommies who think that more more stop signs will protect their children and allow them to play in the street (which they regard as their right). Lastly, American drivers are profoundly ignorant (if not outright stupid) about right-of-way, and don't even know what a yield sign means. Sad, but true.
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