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Originally Posted by pletby View Post
Okay Thymeclock, I have 11 stop signs vs 1 stopsign and 5 lights. Almost perfectly flat. Main route is 60km/h. Lots more traffic.
I did have the engine off for 1.8 km of the 5 km trip today with the stopsigns, but had to accelerate from almost stopped each time.
Two more questions: what is the make, model and year of your vehicle?

Are the traffic lights timed in one specific direction? (As they are in major cities and suburbs?) Or are they triggered by cross-road traffic?

If you are becoming aware of all these factors, you won't need a ScanGauge to determine how best to hypermile. I had been thinking about all these factors for many years prior to my getting a ScanGauge. Having one only helped me to refine what I already knew and practiced.
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