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Meh time to build up an idea of how to make the mirrors more aero is pretty easy. Time to mock up, not too long, time to fiberglass, not too long. Probably could do the mirrors in a rough, semi-finished product in one day. There would be some cure time the following day, and then time to mount and paint, but overall could produce a product for those flat *******s in short about of time. :-p

I'll have to try the 65+ over the hills deal. Problem is that people on my commute route either want to do 55 in the 45, or they don't go nearly fast enough. And if you get one on your ass and speed up, they won't tail you at higher speeds. So you'll just end up chasing up to the next car. Its terrible how people drive in PA. Just today I had a guy on a bike, motorcycle bike, slow down get off this trottle to answer his cell phone as he proceeded to slow down to 30 in a 50 where people are doing 60...I was 3 cars back, I though the bike stalled until I saw the guy pull off the road into a parking lot while talking on his phone. People are god damn ridiculous around here.
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