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Nice Saand, Looks like you're on your way!

Right now I tipped 28.25 with normal commute and highway trip driving @ 70 mph. I was in a hurry that afternoon as people we waiting on me to arrive from work. We left for a weekend trip, and everyone else was ready to go before my shift even ended! But riding around at that speed I still have highest recorded MPG to date for my Subaru! I had previous done about the same trip with normal commute on Gasohol and managed 26 to 26.5. Actively seeking real gasoline has helped a bit. But I'm going to take my normal commute MPG which seemed to be ~26mpg on real gas and use that as my baseline. If I can bump that to 30 and manage 35mpg on tanks that involve highway trips I'll consider that a win in my book. Hitting 30mpg on commute would put me 20% over factory rating for highway miles, and my commute is not all highway! So smarter driving has been paying off.

Of course all these numbers are pre-aero mods! So this is where it will begin to get interesting!

BTW I also have a nicely modified Ford Contour, American version of the Ford Mondeo, which shares quite of bit of history,parts, and architecture with the Mazda 626. :-)
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