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Hi Uncle, I meant, I am not getting good FE by using the routine of speeding up to say 50 mph and then coasting down to 30/25 mph. I have to do this with engine ON because of the AC working continuously.

If I use a very light right foot (very light throttle setting) and drive in the top gear continuously, I get better FE. This contradicts the basic understanding that speed up / coast down will save more fuel than steady driving in gear/ DFCO use.

@Robert - Will there be any adverse effect on the AC clutch or AC compressor if I continue to use Engine OFF coasting like I did with AC ON? I see the blower load on battery as a potential downside, as it will continue to drain battery. My already weak battery is likely to give up its ghost if strained further. But apart from the battery, is there anything bad about using EOC coasting when AC is kept ON? The AC clutch disengages as soon as the engine stops, so the AC will cycle with the engine too, which will save further fuel than driving on continuously.
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