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Question Very minimal gains with HHO

I used to own a 2003 Kia Sorento with it's 3.5 V6. It was a gas hog. When gas went up to almost $5.00 per gallon I had to do something. I tried a HHO system. I purchased the system from a group known as backyard builders of tampa. The system was nice and was not cheap looking. I installed it and it seemed to work. I put a lighter on the tube and the flame would get a little bigger and then pop. On the Kia I saw very little improvement in mpg. The customer service of backyard builder was great. I was on the phone with them constantly and they would give me different things to try to make the system more efficent. We did a pump for the flow of the H2O and these electrical components on the o2 sensors. The mpg on the Kia improved a little more but it finally got to the point where the only way to get anymore out of the system was to have software for the car's computer made to cut back on the fuel supply from the injectors dramatically.
HHO systems do work, but very minimally. It would be cool to put one on a hybrid vehicle.

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