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66.6 MPG - A Record For Me

Hey All...

Proud to announce a new all-time record MPG for me after filling up yesterday. Was able to log 66.6 mpg in close to 600 miles on my HSI (in-dash instrumentation).

I've been driving alot more than usual this summer thanks to extended trips for Civil War reenacting so with a 3 week break in those trips I decided to try to max out my mpg and see what I could do. I haven't been able to hypermile much on my past longer highway trips thanks to a grumpy, time conscious, A/C needy passenger but was able to put in a good effort over the last 20 days.

I've had my 2010 Prius for a few months now and have been able to transition well from the 2009 instrumentation/handling/tricks to the 2010. The 2010 seems to be a little more fussy when progressing through the warm up stages...sometimes I wrestle with it to get it into EV-capable mode but overall it's been a more fruitful driving/hypermiling experience with the new car. It seems the 2010 takes a little longer to get to 155 degrees compared to the 2009.

The sturdy feel of the 2010 vs. 2009 is the biggest difference in terms of handling. Rarely do I feel wind affecting the cars handling and it doesn't seem to get "sucked into" rain puddles like the 2009 least not as much. this helps out alot on the highway for hypermiling as I do less correcting with the wheel and more straight line driving/drafting.

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