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From Jack Rickard's blog post of 7/16:

". . . We're kind of going over it now, but we've changed things a bit and gotten quite a different result.

In my mind, the URBAN part of the drive was about half. That's because it takes about half the time. As it turns out, it comprised 11 of the 48 miles. The rest were more freeway like (about another 10 or 11) and rolling country blacktop county road (26 miles}. PLenty of hills and curves on the county road, but really one of the reasons I like to drive that is the Porsche handles it so well. That' s probably not good for regen, and probably IS good for free coasting.

We did a very different drive out US 61 through Cape to Jackson, the urban part, and then the urban part back. Though 21 miles, it takes almost the same amount of time as the 48 mile drive we were doing. And we're getting very different results on both the kWh meter and the AH meter - and showing really quite impressive gains in fact.

So I'm probably going to have to fall on my sword on this one. I was measuring the percentage of road style based on time instead of distance, and probably mischaracterized the drive pretty badly.

The latest results are based on precisely TWO drives, so it's still pretty preliminary. I'm learnign that this stuff is quite a bit more variable than I had thought. So before going into further detail, we're going to do a series of drives in the MIni Cooper. . ."
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