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Priuses (Prii?) are great if you do lots of city driving, because having to stop and start is a fact of life. They are also a good size, while similar to a Corolla for actual dimensions, the interior is way more roomy.
I'd love to see a diesel version, because current gas engines just can't compete with TDIs. But as Toyota's main market is the US, a gas engine is really the only option if they want to be able to sell to normal people, who are yet to notice that diesels aren't horrible smoky machines anymore.

I'm also very interested in seeing some real research into how far a Prius has to drive before it cancels out the effects of making the batteries. I saw the thing a few years ago about a Prius being worse than a Hummer, but it had so many flaws it was just stupid.

IMO, hybrids are really only a good answer to people that do lots of city driving (like taxis and delivery people). For most other people, a good TDI would be better, ideally with an aerodymically designed body like the Prius (a 1.6L TDI from the Skoda Octavia in a Prius shell would be awesome).
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