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What I've learned over the last few years, reading what hypermiling hybrid owners say,
you can get much better than the rated MPG, with the Prius, Fusion & Escape hybrids.

For many people, the 'point' of owning one of these hybrids, isn't to 'break even'
(compared to a gas car) or make it pay for itself someday.

The reason most people buy these hybrid models, is they want to.
They aren't forced to buy, because of high gas prices etc.
Like any other car, people 'like' it, so they buy it..

I like high-tech toys. If I could justify owning a Fusion, I would buy one.
They just seem like the coolest hybrid out there now..
But, since I don't drive very many miles, (and haul lumber on my roof racks)
I don't really feel the need for a fancy car that I will hardly use..

Because the price wasn't too high, I did buy 500w of solar panels this summer.
When people ask me, "When will they pay for themselfs?",
I just say, 'When they find a sucker, that will buy them for the price I paid'...

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