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Originally Posted by tumnasgt View Post
Priuses (Prii?)
IMO, hybrids are really only a good answer to people that do lots of city driving (like taxis and delivery people). For most other people, a good TDI would be better, ideally with an aerodymically designed body like the Prius (a 1.6L TDI from the Skoda Octavia in a Prius shell would be awesome).
I think its mainly the price of them over here (equiv to $30,000) but I don't think they could make sense over a decent diesel over here for anyone who drives for a living, as you said delivery driver, taxi etc (due to fuel price) I mean there is about a 2.4% difference in price per litre of diesel and petrol over here

Got a feeling its a bit of an 'IPOD' car. Great features, other companies do it as good if not better (cough honda), but every one knows the name..... thanks to Miss Diaz and pals.
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