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Thanks for the info superhatch. Its hard to say, it could be knock, I'm not flooring it at 1800rpm or anything, I'm takling like applyin an extra 5% throttle to keep the car from losing too much speed while going up an incline at 2000rpm, or maybe when accelerating away from a stop light at moderate throttle but shifting at 2500 rpm, which drops you down to about 1900 in the first 3 or 4 gears. As long as I barely apply enough throttle to accelerate its ok but a bit more makes the clicky noise. The engine has variable timing and a knock sensor. I was wondering if it was knock but I'm not certain of that, it may just be some other noise that is less conspicuous as the exhaust note gets louder. The difference between the engine making clicks vs smooth noise is a few % throttle at engine speeds below maybe 2100 or 2200rpm.

FWIW I never really try to haul butt at or below 2000rpm, if I really need to move with some alacrity I'll drop a gear or 2. But say I'm in my neighborhood rolling at 30mph in 4th as in hit the incline towards my house if I dont drop to 3rd it'll start making clicky noises as I climb. I think once I get something, anything, scangauge, vacuum gauge, etc it'll give me a better idea of how the engine is behaving at that time.
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