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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
I have to confess I didn't get to the GS thread about the P&G calculator.
I've put a new version on ecomodder. Now you have no excuse not to try it out, and it even looks up an approximate BSFC number for you and everything.

Being able to flick back and forth different speeds without checking up on a map really rams home both the difference going slower makes, and also the differences aero mods can make.

e.g. On my car (everything is P&G):
100kph, initial drag: 3.97l/100km
80kph, initial drag: 2.6337l/100km
100kph, modded to current state: 3.03l/100km
80kph, modded to current state: 2.1048 l/100km

That's a good 25% increase.
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