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Two items I want to comment on.

TDi over Hybrid
In test driving 2nd Gen Prius vs 2009 Jetta TDi Wagon (kids, stuff to move, etc), we decided on the TDi. My wife (primary driver) and I both liked the way it performed. One big selling point for us was the automatic shifting manual transmission with dual clutch. The smoothest shifting 'auto' I have driven. Would we have selected differently if the 3rd Gen Prius was out? Not sure, have not driven one yet.

Something I have noticed in wishing we could get more TDi options here in the US vs Europe. In the US, there is almost no competition for the car*. In Europe, it appears from afar to have a great system of buses and trains that seem to make it quite easy to not own a car.

I think if there were more public transportation and it was wider spread, then car manufacturers would have to do better, offer more options to compete with the public transportation system.

Here in the US*, you pretty much have to have a car and for most families, more than one. And if that is not the actual truth, it is the assumed truth and it will take time and changes to make that so. I think telecommuting helps, but so would trains and buses.

Just my wacky opinion.

(* There are a few cities with great public transportation that I have experienced first hand, like DC, but that is the exception, not the rule.)
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