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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
Hi Adam! The software is actually quite a bit different. The parts that are similar are the PI loop, and some of the error modes, like bad throttle and stuff like that. It can control 3 contactors/relays, has CANbus, and RS-232. It also has the usual control board undervoltage protection, hardware overcurrent shutdown, and 2 temperature sensors. No pack voltage sensing, since it was designed with the idea of running with a BMS that communicates over CAN, which means the controller gets the voltage of each battery anyway, just a little more indirectly.


Is this still open-source for both software and hardware? If so, can you provide a link to source code, development environment (tools) and schematics for the board? If not open-source then congratulations and good luck on your new venture!!! Really, with all you put into these projects you deserve financial rewards. Sure would be nice to have BMS coordinate with controller. Any information on what CAN messages will be sent from BMS to contoller?

Thanks again for helping the DIY folks.

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