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schnitzel - '01 Volkswagen Golf TDI
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X-Prize standings by mode of power

(based on a lot of clicking about with

Internal Combustion
8 entered
2 withdrew
4 eliminated
eliminated reasons
2 remaining
%37.5 of 8 entrants eliminated for mpge

Battery Electric
15 entered
1 withdrew
7 eliminated
eliminated reasons
co2,range,blank,accel,DNS,<minmpg,co2,range,techni cal,blank
7 remaining
%20 of 15 entrants eliminated for mpge/range*

Hybrids(including plug in)
9 entered
2 withdrew
7 eliminated
eliminated reasons
<67mpge,<67mpge,emissions,<67mpge,avoidance,<67mpg e,<67mpge
0 remaining
%55.6 of 9 entrants eliminated for mpge

*I'm including range in the electric figures because, well, the teams really blew that mpg estimate, didn't they?

I appreciate that mpge is a bit wonky unit of measure, and this is a pretty small sample, but if hybrids were doing the job in a competition, they should do better mpg than an Internal combustion only vehicle if mpge is biased against Internal Combustion.

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