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OK, since some of you guys are knowledgeable on antenna stuff and I'm not, could we review a few things and answer a few questions?

1. Antenna length is a function of radio wave length, i.e., a radio signal of 1 meter length should have an antenna of also 1 meter, 0.9 meter signal needs 0.9 meter antenna, etc.. Is this correct?

2. If correct, that suggests an adjustable or telescoping antenna would be most versatile and receptive, so you could tweak it to the particular station?

3. Inside the car reception is nearly as good as outside, and better from an aero standpoint?

4. An antenna stuck in the weather strip between door and roof works about as well as one stuck out vertically in the breeze?

5. You can hook up your antenna circuit to your rear window defroster wire inside the glass, and that also works pretty good?

6. The type and thickness of antenna wire or pole is irrelevant, it's the proper length that counts?

7. Some windshields have antennas inside the glass, much more expensive than an otherwise identical windshield without antenna. So, why not just glue or tape a wire up along the inside upper surface of the windshield, horizontally, and save a bunch of money on a new windshield? Does Radio Shack or anybody sell a decent kit for this purpose? Or, why not just insert the right length of antenna wire in the rubber windshield seal at the top?

8. Why not do the same at the back window, and inside the weather strips above the doors, with a switch so you could choose which antenna gets best reception from the station you like as you drive along?

I know squat about this stuff, so please chime in with suggestions for improvement.
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