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105 = 75

Recent testing on T-100: 80-mph,Monahans,Tx to Van Horn,Tx and back,with 20-mph wind.Up leg ( headwind),100-mph airspeed,123 miles,25.1-mpg.Return leg (immediately after top-off in Van Horn)(tailwind),27.7-mpg.Weather data from Monahans Municipal Airport.Plugging data into existing "map"yields a basically linear relationship between speed/mpg.Extrapolating to 105-mph,gives mpg at 105-mph as 23.3-mpg,the mileage truck used to get at 75-mph "naked".Agreed,its only a short run,however does provide never before tested data to add to T-100 soup.100-mph for 123 miles had truck running warmer,no overheating.Bonneville could be different story.She's rock-solid.Rounded edges are doing their job to foil yawing moments.109 mph ground speed in crosswind is okay.Airspeeds as high as 115-mph with plenty of throttle left over promise interesting speed potential.I need to focus on shop area,so vehicle projects are taking a back seat.Looks like a 10% drag reduction can mean an 11% improvement in mpg at 100-mph.I will work on those numbers some more.

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