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Originally Posted by virg View Post
I wonder about a bracket up front with a ball or bulb leading the way, like that bulbuous thing on the hull of a ship that parts water. Make it a sliding-adjustable arrangement with the bulb leading the grille.
The History Channel had a program about the Japanese Imperial Navy's flagship,Yamato.The project was very classified,and the nose of the ship was top-secret,and a hydrodynamic coup for the day,and has found its way into the U.S.Navy (USS Ronald Reagan),and Soviet Navy ships,as well as merchant vessels.According to the narrator on the TV program,the bulb created a counter bow-wake underwater,which cancelled the bowwake above waterline.Sorry! This is a little deep for me.A fellow tried this at Bonneville on a streamliner.Best I can tell,it failed to be effective.
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