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#1 Mod: Right Foot Reprogramming: Spread The Gospel

First, I apologize if this doesn't seem like the right place for this thread. It seemed like the best place to me.

I'm no conservation saint, I'm no hypermiler, and I'm no expert on Eco-Modding, but I know this: we don't all need to be any of those things to make a difference. I recently did some research for my workplace environmental committee, and learned something astonishing: over 70% of the oil consumed in this country is used in transportation, and something like 45% of the oil consumed in this country is used for gasoline.

That has recently dovetailed with more learnings from websites like Eco-Modder: it's EASY to get a 10% improvement in fuel economy just by implementing simple, easy, risk-free changes in driving behavior. OMG, if everyone just tried a LITTLE bit, we could cut our oil usage by 10%... that's huge!

I know that anyone reading this on this website pretty much already knows this. But it seems to me like that concept doesn't get much 'air time' out in the non-EM world. I learned fast that people don't want to hear about how my Prius gets 50mpg, they think it's just for people who are willing to plug it in every night, or for people who are willing to flip switches between battery and ICE and risk getting stranded. It seems like I do more good just trying to get people to realize that they can save gas, and MONEY, in the car they drive right now if they just pay more attention to how they drive, and that with just a little focus, they can make a difference.

Does anyone else find this? Am I missing some giant, successful conversion mission going on out there? If I am, please tell me where to volunteer. If I'm not, then I say: Spread the gospel - ReProgram Thy Right Foot!

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