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Good points all, Olympiadis

Thanks for those good points. I understand that point of view, and I see it most days as I coast up to a RED light. This morning as I was just 5 or 6 car lengths from a 'very' red light, and still coasting to it, the woman behind me just couldn't stand it anymore and started waving her hand in the air with that "FOR GOD'S SAKE MOVE IT" attitude. I waved her off and then we came to a stop and waited at the same light for the next two minutes.

I saddens me greatly that people just cannot get it, and that they can't see how much better things could be with very little sacrifice on their part. Hell, with NO sacrifice on their part.

I keep trying to think up the best wording for a sticker on my car that would express myself to them...

"Don't rush me, I'm trying to save the planet!"

"Slow down, it's NOT going to kill you!"

"Slow down, reclaim our energy independence."

Etc., etc.
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