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Originally Posted by smaridge01 View Post
First, I apologize if this doesn't seem like the right place for this thread. It seemed like the best place to me.
I can't think of a better place.

Originally Posted by smaridge01 View Post
Does anyone else find this? Am I missing some giant, successful conversion mission going on out there? If I am, please tell me where to volunteer. If I'm not, then I say: Spread the gospel - ReProgram Thy Right Foot!
There is a big campaign.

Like most of the biggest campaigns it is happening in the background, kind of out of sight.

It isn't centrally controlled or managed, instead it is a collection of like-minded individuals all heading in the same direction.

We all have different reasons - some like the cost savings, some to save the planet, some to just reduce their resource usage - but the same direction all the same.

You are looking at it. This site is part of it. By no means all of it, but a significant part all the same.

As for encouraging others the key one is cost saving - burning fuel is burning money. Everyone feels that.

Not everyone feels the environmental changes claimed or the need to get away from a depending on oil from whatever source - but money spending is something they feel all the time.

Good luck.
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