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Looks like there are a few things you can do, If you want a good list of ideas have a look at the garage section and see what mods others have done, the trip logs usually have some good info on what mod level cars are at and the MPG they got.

What will work best for you depends on what sort of trips you do. For example my normal commute involves short trips mostly so i concentrated on my cold idle which helped a lot. If you have lots of stop / starts due to lights look at weight reduction, if you are freeway driving mostly look at aeromods

either way a few MPG should not be too difficult with a few mods

Some ideas that i have tried that would work for you.
- side mirror delete, if you dont use them / if you can do head checks but check with your local laws
- mud flap delete, i think i can see a mud flap in one of those pics
- idle reduction both cold and warm idle (my car had seperate mechanisms for both) helps during P&G if you leave the car idleing rather than engine off, helps at lights, helps at start up
- power to manual steering, I have only just done this so im not yet sure if it is worth the annoyance of heavy handed steering
- weight reduction, what can you strip out of your boot that is just asthetic which nobody sees anyway. Can you take anything out of your engine bay, do you have AC you never use.

some other ideas i havn't tried
- look at plug up those round holes at for right/ left at the bottom of your front grill. Not sure exactly what they are for, if only one is for a air intake then block the other. See what you can do with them
- you can do more aero mods around your wheel wells although if you want your car to look normal this can be done but its difficult.
- engine block heater, heat up the engine with mains electricity before you leave in the morning. I have never tried this but plenty of threads on here about it and it might work well for you if your in snow areas
- you can do a full belly pan, will give you a bit extra but not much

Since you asked in your first post, Wheel well covers you can do with fiber glass which will give a good finished look but takes a bit of time. Otherwise you can do i out of coroplast and paint it the same colour as your car and try to make it so seam joins are hidden so it looks continuous as if there is no mod. I havn't done this yet, its on my to do list but there are plenty of threads about wheel well mods or others can suggest good ways to do this.
Yea a tail would work for you, someone in a thread mentioned anything more than a 12 degree change in angle will cause drag as air flow wont stay connected to the car. So you will have a large drag area behind your car. So a tail will help, very hard to make this look normal. You can also look at vortex generators which would go at the back on top of your car and intentionally disturb the air flow in a particular way so that it causes a smaller drag area. Plenty of threads on that one too.

Well good luck
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