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insane in the propane
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hondo434, i believe you are sincere in you're belief that these magnets really do work and they increased you're mileage and made the oil dirty and chunky. i believe you in the sense that i think you honestly think it is true.

the problem is we all know for fact that magnets do not alter fuel economy, or cause oil to darken, or get chunks in it. that's why some people were poking fun, but once they realised you are not just bs'ing then the fun stops and we are trying to edjucate and help you to understand that no magnet can do what you believe they are doing.

it absolutely has to be some other cause. the epa (environmental protection agency) has thoroughly tested all sorts of supposed fuel saving devices, including different kinds of magnets that are supposedly designed to increase fuel economy. and the epa has thoroughly busted the magnet myth. on top of that, there has been plenty of independant tests by people like you and me using dyno's and very controlled conditions to also bust these magnet fuel saving devices. to put it simply, they just do not work.

are you framiliar with experimenter's bias? someone else can explain it better then i.

how can we convene to you that they are junk so you change you're mind?
96 stratus "es" v6 auto-stick
supplementary propane injection
injector kill switch, alternator kill switch
Charging system voltage increased to 15.5V
secondary and tertiary 12v batteries in the trunk
on-board battery charger
lights converted to led's
potentiometer controlled tps for ign timing
welded straight pipe in place of cat-cons
removed egr
3 inch body drop
90psi fuel rail & -50% low volume injectors
run 15% diesel 85% gas
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