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Originally Posted by mcrews View Post
you miss the point. This topic has been brought up before. The web site is "ECOMODDER"
not "BUY A POS MPG CAR". there are corvettes, jeeps, 4x4 work trucks here along with Prius etc. This site is about doing the best with what you got. It's really more about attitude than who gets the best mpg.
I drive a 02 Infiniti Q45 w/340 hp and 0-60 in under 6 sec. BUT I drive for mpg like it's a video game that I am not going to lose. Prior to coming her I was getting 27mpg on round trips (23epa). thanks to this site I can now get 31mpg on the same round trip.
But some guy from NewZeland was bashing me for not buying an econ box and saving the world. He too, missed the point.
I and others here admire a guy who is so enthusiastic about trying to improve the FE in his choosen 'pig'!
Frankly, it takes some balls to ecomod so publicly on a given pig! And it sounds like he NEEDS that kinda pig. Unlike most who buy that model who never even use the 4 wheel drive or see dirt more than 3 feet for the sidewalk!


Also, your opinion is probably discredited since you haven't posted your car or any milage logs
To be honest I am not so much interested with fuel efficiency as I am in increasing aerodynamics for increasing speed and stability. Just so happens that you arrive in the same place implementing nearly all the same tactics. If I can make so that our 750hp 1975 Hurst/Olds W30 can keep stable and planted at speeds in excess of 200mph, and still take the twisties with the best of them, I am happy. BTW the economy on that car is about 7mpg.

Originally Posted by comptiger5000 View Post
Being that his name is XJ guy, I would assume he drives an XJ (84-01 Jeep Cherokee).
You are correct sir. I have two. One is lowered and will have many aero-mods, the other is lifted and close to as un-aerodynamic as an XJ can be. 35" beadlocks with large wind grabbing lugs and lots of extra weight due to armor, cage etc.

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