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Originally Posted by LostCause View Post
Every family should get a couple acres of land as a birth right. If that couple chooses to have 300 kids, so be it...but confine them to that two acres of land.

That land could be cut in half so the children might get 1 acre somewhere else while the parents stay on half of their original land. Once the parents die, the children then have access to a full two acres. Within reason, if a family of 300 finds be it. If a child gets married, the couple gets access to land equal to the divisions entitled to them at that moment (i.e. 1/3 acre + 5/9 acre). When parents and/or siblings die, that number rises.

He who controls land has power. Land is the biggest source of wealth any individual can own. I say cut the Capitalist line of thinking and live like a community, enforcing self responsibility the whole way. Living in urbia makes me sick.

(How's that for cheering you up...)

- LostCause
Sounds inefficient to me...

I was going to write up more... But I just noticed a HUGE carbon fiber splinter in the side of my hand... and need to go deal with that o.0 I'll finish my response tomorrow
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