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Originally Posted by trebuchet03
Sounds inefficient to me...
I'm interested in your response. I'm open to change...

Really, it's just a development of an underlying issue for me. I think land is essential for ensuring survival. If you take a person's ability of growing their own food away you make a direct attack on their survival. I realize this is a bit of apocalyptic thinking, but I also believe the comfort of modern life helps cloud judgment.

Imagine if s*** hit the fan right now, could you survive? If food was unavailable, I'd be dead in a few months. I don't expect I'll ever need to resort to farming for survival, but to not protect something as important as life seems foolish.

I also see land ownership as true freedom. Having the security of the option of homesteading gives the freedom to choose work one deeply enjoys. Working an 8-6 job I'm indifferent to, handing over my paycheck (i.e. life) to a landlord, and at the day having nothing to show for it is not my idea of freedom. Indentured servant comes to mind.

I don't want to live purely for myself, but I'll fight exploitation and greed until the day I die. I realize the passion might seem overwhelming for such a simple issue, but to me it is the fundamental flaw of modern society. I want to have the option of taking responsibility for a deeper sense of freedom. I think that option involves the right to occupy land.

- LostCause
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