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Originally Posted by mcrews View Post
with the cost to replace this engine being $10-15K, it is worth changing the oil 3-5k.
Nonsense. You can get a working pull with half as many miles for $650 and have it installed for under a grand.

There's no sense in extending your OCI to the point where it causes a significant increase in wear, but there's equally no sense in changing it every 3000mi whether it needs it or not.

Regular oil changes are critical, but regular does not imply frequent. My car calls for an oil change every 10000mi/1yr, so I change it every spring.

More modern engines are supporting much longer OCIs, and 10000mi is commonplace. Even my '96 Subaru called for 7500mi on conventional oil, and those are not known for lubrication-related engine failure.
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