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I am not taking either side in this one.

I wonder what the percentage of incidents in Toyota's was in relation to other brands and their different models.

Before all the hoopla started and people climbed on the blame Toyota bandwagon.

I hear and see almost every day where people short change you with money or other services, and they claim it was an "accident" or an "honest mistake".

If that were true then it would not be that you are ALWAYS given less than you deserve.

If you are always getting less change or service than you paid for, it is not any accident or honest mistake, its fraud and theft.

Toyota got the "big dog" arrogance attitude that GM had in the 50s and 60s and pressured all their suppliers to cut costs or else. The inevitable result of such an attitude is you find the weak link in design and manufacture of the many dependent systems that must interact correctly for a modern very complicated car to function properly.

I wonder what the difference (if any) in the percentage of incidents were comparing the older mechanical throttle linkage models to the more recent throttle by wire models.

Before all the media attention made it the norm to blame the manufacturer.

I wonder if we will ever know the real truth, but if not a pre media hype comparison of consumer complaints and reported and confirmed incidents would point a rational person in the right direction.

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