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Hmm this something that I have been contemplating for a few years now and hoping to start in the near future. Mind you the logistics behind it will be difficul to compleat. Reason being is making the vehicle aero dynamic by remove the mirrors alltogether Switch to camers only. Single cockpit style body but cable of seating atleast 2-4 passengers plus cargo 4wheel design however the body will be built around the fram allowing the wheals to turn inside the body. Eliminating the drag over the tires. I have the welding kit to make it out of a tube fram a bit of weight for safty is perfectly fine. I was contemplating a VW TDI engine, Smartfor Two, or Fiat 500 Turbo 2cylender one. Rear mounted, mated to a manual gear box. It would be difficult but this is atleast 2-3 years away from even starting, so for now I'm just reasearching on variouse engines to use Diesel would be preferable with a bio diesel conversion. If it has to be Gas it I would stick with either a Honda or Fiat engine.
2 cars one never gets driven the other is an MPG project already at 5% increase in standard driving economy CAI and Pulstar plus. Thinking weight reduction next year.
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