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Thanks for the kind words.

I guess you are right, but gas saved is money earned, especially if you have a 30 mile commute, like many do.

I didn't even realize you were MetroMPG, I really like your car modifications.

I bought a 1989 BMW 325i (for drifting, but I don't have the money for drifting), and I am glued to the fuel economy gauge. On the right tires with a 2.93 final drive ratio I can push it toward 40mpg unloaded.

I wish it was the 318iS model instead, with the new twin-cam 4-cyl, but I have been considering a Metro engine swap It should do wonders for the handling and let me keep lightening up the back end. I could pull out the muffler and the rear tire well, go side exit exhaust and glasspacks to save weight (carbon fiber or aluminum ones from a motorcycle?). I bet I could get it down to 1800lbs easily, there is so much fat on the car it is amazing. I got a literal 50+ pounds of tar ballast out of the trunk alone, although I can see why it was there now, the car is very tail happy with the 168hp 6cyl in the nose (also a heavy motor).

My dream would be to get it running on a 3cyl with a hybrid system for horsepower and torque. Barring that just a 3cyl would be fine.

I did find that there are places that will grind down the regular cam for $50, since it is just a shallower profile then the regular cam.
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