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Originally Posted by tumnasgt View Post
I find in my 2.2L Camry that it's better to change to 4th, as there isn't a huge amount of torque. I change my shifting point (steep inner city hills - such fun) so I stay between 2000-3000rpm, rather than my normal 1000-2200rpm, if my revs go below 2k I don't have enough torque to keep the same speed, so I have to floor it to stay the same speed vs half throttle in 4th to speed up slightly.
So you're in Wellington too eh? Hypermiling is for flatlanders in countries with wide open space it seems.

I find simply the best economy up a hill is getting as close as possible to whatever RPM + throttle opening offers the best efficiency, and of course you want to keep speed down so you not pushing too much air either. If your car does best FC at 60-70kph, then depending on the hill and your car speeds as low as 30kph might be ideal.

Staying in the 2000-2250rpm range around some of our steep hills and this seems to have dropped my FC on my commute.
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