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blocking air flow in engine compartment

I am new to the idea of modding and have read several lists of stuff I could do to lower the CD of a vehicle. My question concerns blocking air flow with grill blocker and belly pans. The underside of my truck looks like a drag nightmare and I was thinking that I could make several sheet metal covers over the entire underside from front bumper to the rear bumper. Combined with grill block (not really sure what that is supposed to do) will make the underside very smooth. It can be attached with fasteners that allow removal for access easily, BUT is it bad to cover the underside of the engine .. and exhaust .. and block the radiator air flow. Since I can't block it completely due to wheel movement shocks etc, will their still be enough air flowing past the exhaust piping and muffler to keep it cool? And how much of the grill can I block. The electric fan will pull air from front of radiator into engine compartment from what ever open space so engine will still be cool.


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