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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Better for what?

Better for fuel economy? P&G (depending on the car & driver)
For mechanical longevity? Probably constant speed.
For driver sanity? Depends on the trip length.
For sanity of other road users? Depends on the drivers.

Well I am going to Vegas this weekend, I am used to long trips but I think P&G might make my passenger go insane (I'm hoping he sleeps most of the trip since we are leaving in the morning.)

Anyway, here's the map

I had two plans of attack, pulsing to 70mph and eocing back down to 55 (rinse and repeat) or a constant 55 mph.

At the moment, only foreseeable issues are:
1) Passenger.
2) Heat (No A/C) planning to stock up on bottled water.

So yeah, tips would be great.
I guess I could try 55 there and P&G back, or better yet just use Scangauge to determine which is better based on 10 minute rounds?
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