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photo scale 1st!

Originally Posted by Phantom View Post
Looking at got me thinking about adding a Kammback to my 03 Grand Prix. I think I would be able attach one with double sided adhesive like used to attach rain guards.

The template I'm using is.
Attachment 6583

With adding a kammback/partial kammback I'm not sure what line to use, so I attached this picture to get comments on what to follow.
Attachment 6584

I figure that I will end the kammback at the line in the window on number two. I think the best option will be #2 or 3 but would like to insight on this be fore I go to work on it.
Phantom,first off,you'll either need to enlarge the photo of the Pontiac,or shrink the template image such that the bottom of the tires for car and template 'plane out' at 'ground' level,while the roofs are matched.
After that,what you did with the #2 image seems to capture the maximum roof height and location with the template correctly.
Once your image scale is correct,you're good to go!
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