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My Fab has onboard too (TDI) but I still got one for the same reasons - mainly temps but I'm finding the GPH (Gallons per Hour) and MAP (Manifold Abs Pressure) interesting.

If you use instant and average MPG on the SG (even if they are not accurate) you can try and keep instant above average. Result is less money to Shell, BP, Exxon etc.

LOD (Engine Load apparently) seems a little random to me and not much info on what it actually means - if it really is a percentage of engine power available then my engine is much less powerful that I think, and as it smoked an annoying dumb woman in a Merc CLK today (don't ask, I just ruined my tank I know) I don't think that is the case.

As I am now getting over 650 miles a tank (before I was on 450 max) my calibrating tank is taking much much longer than I thought it would so my GPH and so on is inaccurate as it is based on wimpy US gallons and not HM The Queen's (gawd bless her) gallons. I'm actually keen to refuel to set it all up, but then again a tank costs about 3/4 the price of an SG2 at the moment and I have 200 miles to go

On the plus side my Credit Carb bill this month, including the SG2 purchase and fuel (they are the only things I spend on CC) is about half the one in January when I drove fewer miles (longer crimbo / new year hols in Scotland).

Thats more beer tokens for, er, beer - so its win win
[I]So long and thanks for all the fish.[/I]
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