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Robert the winters in Melbourne don’t get cold at all at worst overnight 0 degrees but it never snows so for those in colder climates you may have issues with this mod but a manual control of the electric idle control would work for colder climates

The engine idles smoothly even at its coldest the only problem is if the car is just sitting idling. Only an issue when moving slowly and taking the foot off the throttle at cold. I don’t know the temperature of the coolant where this doesn't happen, I have only ever had it happen when reversing down my driveway so it could be related to getting the oil in the engine moving around and warmed up a bit rather than the coolant. Either way as soon as I accelerate up to speed limit no longer have the issue, this seems to get things moving enough to stop stalling.

Frank I like your suggestion of start and go, my issue is that I have traffic lights about 100 meters away from my home on my trip to work so the car still idles high at the lights and if I catch them at the wrong time I’m idling high for about 3 minutes. That’s why I concentrated on this mod. For those of you out there that have many miles before you stop at a intersection this mod may not give you great gains.
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