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The ECE test is not realistic which is the issue. The V50 is quite heavy and the 1.6 is quite small but with some coasting you will be getting much better MPG. The key one is to work out when to use EO(n)Coasting vs overrun when running downhill. I don't use EO(ff)Coasting very often - I have a thread about EOC vs turbos - basically remember the turbo is very hot and when you switch off suddenly the oil in the turbo stays there and absorbs lots of heat, which can affect the seals.

The ECE figures for the V70 2.5D (not the D5) matched what Mrs A got in hers pretty closely though between 2000 and 2005. It was the attitude of the dealer in wanting to sting me for about 1KGBP in unrequired repairs and their inability to fix what we had already told them about on visit after visit that made me vow to never have another one.

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