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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Hi Phil - Do you have concrete plans to run the truck at Bonneville?
I don't have concrete yet,but I've got sand and gravel.The rest of the year will tell me if I get to add the Portland cement.It's still going to be an expensive proposition to do,but I really want to know what she'll do,and Wendover's the only place where low power stream-liners have a chance to achieve top end.I'm very perturbed that the V-rated tires I might fit to the truck are wide.I'm almost thinking Goodyear racing tires would be the way to go.That means a trailer though,as I'd have to carry the racing rubber with me and put them on in Utah.Other than that,its a driveline sling,fire-extinguisher,and new Snell-approved bash hat.I could do the aero trailer and gap-fillers and go for Cd 0.11 and 47-mpg.They might even let me run the course pulling the trailer.I don't think its ever been done.There's 290,000 miles on the truck,however she's strong and willing,and I think she's good for a LSR.Just have to see how the year unfolds.
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