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Questions are good, but a couple of papers do not change the accepted science.

The tropics are now over 2 degrees bigger both in the north and the south than they were in 1950.

Glacier National Park is down to 25 quickly melting glaciers -- it used to have 150.

The ocean pH used to be 8.2 and it is now 8.1 -- shellfish and corral are not going to make it much longer. Some carbon dioxide is absorbed by the ocean and this drops the pH.

Plankton are down 40% from 1950 -- this is the very base of the food chain in the ocean.

The northwest and the northeast passages are open through the Arctic for the first time in human history.

Evaporation is 5% higher than it used to be, and this is making rainstorms much more intense, and droughts are now the norm in many places (Australia for instance).

The temperatures went above 100F for the first time in the 130 years recorded in Moscow -- they hit 111F. The land is on fire, literally.

Lightening is increased, and the strikes are lighting many, many more fires. The Arctic tundra burned for the first time we have ever known.

There are a least two island nations that are planning to *move* *everybody* because they are getting flooded out by the rising sea level.

Disease is spreading out -- West Nile virus, malaria, Dengue fever, etc. are all spreading well beyond their "traditional" ranges.

Methane is escaping the underground where it has been frozen for millennia; under the tundra, bogs, and lakes.

Much/Most of the boreal forests of the northern hemisphere (about 1/3 of the land plants?) are dead -- as far as the eye can see, there are only dead trees. Pine bark beetles are not getting frozen and killed off, so they are running rampant.

Right now, about 1/5th of the entire country of Pakistan is under water -- they got ~10 months worth of rain in TWO DAYS! And it is raining again...

GCC is real, and it largely caused by humans burning a few million years worth of carbon fuel in ~150 years. If you want to join the scientific debate, fine.

But if you simply do not want to believe that the scientists are correct -- then you need to decide why you don't also disbelieve the theory of gravity, or atomic structure, relativity, plate tectonics, etc. The scientific process is the same for all of these. They are all based on the data, and they are all the accepted scientific theory. If one of 'em is wrong, then they all are wrong.
Sincerely, Neil
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